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Consider the cards that come before and after each one. Think of it as the cards and you are working together to collaboratively tell this story. You have your ideas, but the cards have ideas of their own as well.

However, even the most student-centered librarians can make negative assumptions about students’ desire to learn and do good work. We don’t often scrutinize our own unconscious habits and language that shortchange students. By adopting a philosophy of setting and maintaining high expectations for all students, we can avoid undermining ourselves and create mutually positive learning experiences.

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 graduate students

Participants will engage with their peers to develop write-my a deeper toolbox to widen their lens for graduate students beyond traditional library tools and strategies, and help their graduate students move from confusion to confidence. Participants will: Felicia Smith, Head of Learning & Outreach at Stanford University Libraries, will present her unconventional and successful interactive activities used during information literacy sessions. She will discuss her outdoor classes, using mobile devices.

 graduate students

Put this pile on top of the remaining cards in your hand. Note: If you have two or more story lines in the book, complete this process for each one. This should be conversational and light, taking one idea from each card and incorporating it into your story as you already conceive of it.

We provide you with all the relevant research along with verifiable references and sources and in-text citations to make your work more authentic.

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By the end of this workshop, participants will have experience with methods for using both techniques at their own institutions. Participants will be able to: Practicing critical information literacy requires dedication to flexible and responsive teaching, reflective practice, and engaging in dialogue. While there is a growing body of literature on critical information literacy, there is limited discussion on using critical pedagogy values in the assessment of student learning.